About Us

Bloor West Village BIA – the first of its kind!

When a few business owners on Bloor West put their heads together in 1970 to combat the rise of Malls and save themselves from going under, little did they realize that their plans would give birth to a ground breaking concept.

The Business Improvement Area (BIA) that they established not only gave Bloor West Village a fresh lease of life but provided a successful business strategy that has been replicated globally. It led to the growth of around 85+ BIAs in Toronto and many others in the United States, Germany and Japan.

What is a BIA?

BIA is a non-profit association within a specified area, like Bloor West Village in Toronto, who join together with the official approval of the city. Its main purpose is to create a self-help program to promote and stimulate local business.

Our concept is simple and straight forward – have the city collect an annual levy from businesses, hand over the funds to an elected board of volunteers, and devote the money to improving and marketing the area.

How did the BIA change the face of Bloor West Village?

Landscape makeover!

Closed businesses and unattractive stores made it difficult to compete with the striking décor of new mall stores. The BIA stretched its funds to clean up Bloor West and infuse a fresh look with colourful planters, lit up trees and benches for shoppers to catch their breath or relax and enjoy Mother Nature. Additional space for retail stores, offices and residences transformed the look and feel of the area. The results were significant and could not be missed. Merchants were thrilled with the beautification and eager to become part of this thriving new business district. Click here to read more about our BIA history.

Regular promotion of local businesses:

Business success is closely linked with marketing and promotions. The BIA took this responsibility very seriously. Local advertising and regular promotional activities along with the revitalized look brought people back to Bloor West Village in large numbers. Today, 52 years later, the BIA continues to promote Bloor West businesses in many ways including marketing, events, programs, social media, banners, and on its website. 

Created a unique and successful shopping hamlet:

The uniqueness of Bloor West Village has led to its popularity both among the residents of the GTA as well as tourists. Its success has led to the replication of this novel concept the world over. From shopping to food and dining , personal  and professional services, few areas can match its variety, quality or convenience of this European-style village. Browse our Business Directory on the upper right hand side for a complete list of services.

Our ‘Small Village in a Big City’ is a few minutes away from downtown Toronto. Bloor West Village is a great place to shop, dine, or find personal and professional services. The BIA works hard to improve the popularity and promote the quality of services offered. Its members have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to improving the area and promoting the community as a good place to shop, visit and do business.

Visit us today!  You'll be amazed at all we have to offer at Bloor West Village.