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10 Things To Do This Fall in Bloor West Village

October 12, 2023


                              OCTOBER 2023: 10 THINGS TO DO THIS FALL IN BLOOR WEST VILLAGE                                               


Last week’s mid to high 20s temperatures gave us a few extra days of Summer, but Fall is finally here – like for real! 🍁🍂

While all seasons have their own beauty, Fall brings this warm, cozy, homey feeling unlike any other season. From fluffy sweaters and fancy boots, to spiced beverages and hearty soups, Fall has its unique charm. With the welcoming of this beautiful season comes all the fun activities to plan – from apple picking, to visiting pumpkin patches, to harvest festivals, and many more. While going on long scenic drives to do these activities are fun – I mean, have you seen the colourful display of the trees with their vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow? – sometimes we just want to be close to home. Well, what if we told you there are several ways in which you can make the most of what this season has to offer, right here in Bloor West Village?

Here are 10 things to do this Fall in the village:

1. Fall Shopping



Well…you know what they say, “new season calls for a new wardrobe“. This isn’t an actual quote, but it sure is relatable, don’t you think? Okay, fine, maybe not a whole wardrobe, but new Fall pieces you can’t miss – like that scarf you’ve been eyeing to add to your statement pieces collection, or that fancy pair of boots you absolutely need to complete your Fall basics look. From Toronto-based treasures to European gems, the village offers an array of boutique-styled shops you can choose from to get that Fall outfit of your dreams. Check out our previous blog post to get a head start on your Fall wardrobe shopping experience!


2. Skincare and Beauty Shopping



The cold never bothered me anyway!” – well, it sure bothers us, Elsa! More specifically, our skin. With sudden, and somewhat unpredictable temperature changes, our skin takes a hit, leading to consequences like dryness and more. As such, as we enter this cold season, it is important to have a skincare routine that is appropriate for our skin type and whatever condition we wish to prevent or tackle. Bloor West Village is the beauty central, with a multitude of beauty and skincare shops offering personalized and exceptional service. And since we are shopping for skincare products, might as well throw in some makeup shopping as well – because we know it’s time to switch from that peach lipgloss to that matte maroon lipstick!


3. Fall Food Adventure



Foodies UNITE!! Let’s face it, food is one of, if not the best thing to look forward to as seasons change! Menu changes, seasonal dishes, new flavours to explore – there are so many possibilities and options to satisfy all taste buds. It is no secret that Bloor West Village has a wide range of restaurants, each bringing their unique touch to their respective cuisines. With an incredibly diverse list to choose from, with cuisines both from here and around the world, you can expect to find at least one restaurant that will satisfy your cravings. A warm plate of squash ravioli? Yes, please!
P.S. Don’t forget to take your aesthetic Instagram photo! 😉


4. Visit Local Markets for Seasonal Fruits and Veggies



Foodies, here’s another one for you!

The menu doesn’t change only in restaurants, but in our kitchen as well. As we welcome Fall, local markets bring a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits to you. Whether it be beautiful and colourful displays of different types of squash, or a mosaic of different types of apples, local markets make it easy for us to make the most of what Fall has to offer. So what’s for dinner tonight? We’re thinking a hearty pumpkin soup – because, clearly, soup season has begun!


5. Fall Cooking Classes



You know what? Should we just change the title of this blog post to Foodies Unite or something? Okay, quick recap! We talked about where you can find exquisite Fall dishes, we talked about where you can get fresh seasonal produce to make the dishes at home…what’s left? Hmm…Oh! Let’s talk about where you can learn how to make those seasonal dishes. That’s right! Just like paint nights, you can find fun cooking classes this Fall in the village. For instance, Cookery is offering cooking classes catered towards kids and adults this Fall, with options like Fall Italian Handmade Gnocchi Class, Artisan Bread Making Class, and many more. Whether you are looking for a cute date night idea this Fall, or a fun family activity, make sure to be on the lookout for such classes offered in the village!

6. Fall Photoshoot



*Ring Ring* Pinterest and Instagram are calling! New season = New post! Whether it be a selfie at the park, or an aesthetic photo of your latte, a photoshoot with your best friend, a quick photo of you and your partner – the beauty of Bloor West Village never fails in giving you that perfect shot, and this Fall sure supports this statement! As we embrace the enchanting transformation of nature as trees and leaves turn into a symphony of fall colours, you are sure to get that Insta-worthy shot this Fall! Alright, strike a pose in 3…2…1! Perfection!


7. Go to the Park



Chilly, but not freezing – Fall allows us to be outside comfortably and enjoy a breath of fresh air. As parks start to be less crowded, this is the ideal time for some quiet time. Whether it’s our lunch break, or a day off, a visit to the park is sure to bring some sense of calmness as we ground ourselves. Neil McLellan Park is a small and quiet park across Runnymede station. With benches surrounded by trees, this park is the perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Whether you want to read a book, or listen to music, or catch up with a friend, spending some time at the park allows you to breathe in the crisp fresh air that Fall offers, while also being surrounded by the beautiful fall colours.


8. Treat Yourself: Nails, Haircut, Spa, Etc.



Fall announces change, and sometimes change is good. Have you been putting off that trendy haircut you wanted? When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage? As we enter this short period of calm before the storm, a.k.a. the holiday season, let’s make sure we are taking some time for ourselves. In this robotic world of constant hustling, we tend to prioritize everything and everyone else, leaving little to no time for ourselves. This Fall, make sure to pamper yourself and celebrate yourself! A nice haircut, a zen massage, a spa day, or even a fun manicure set to match your Halloween outfit! There are quite a few salons offering such wellness services, with at least one on each block in the village, and hence you can choose the salon that fits your requirements and needs best. Ready for some me time?


9. Halloween in the Village



Spooky Season is here! Spiderwebs, Jack-O’-Lanterns, skeletons, and more – people of Bloor West Village sure are ready for Halloween! And so are we! On Saturday, October 28th, from 10AM to 2PM EST, join us as we celebrate Halloween in the village. This is a free event, open to all, with fun activities such as trick or treating, and pumpkin decorating, at participating stores and/or businesses. There will also be a professional photographer on site to take your perfect Halloween photo, so make sure to rock that costume! Get ready for a sweet Saturday, filled with candies, fun, freebies, entertainment, and more! See you there!
**More information to come on our socials!**


10. Enjoy a Stroll in the Village



Last, but not least, a simple stroll in the village to light up your day. Imagine this – the delicious smell of coffee and the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon-y pastries wafting through the crisp Fall air, delightful conversations and laughter filling the village, beautiful Fall scenery with the display of colourful trees and seasonal flowers – these are just a few out of the many things that bring out the warmth of Bloor West Village. This Fall, go for a stroll in the charming streets of Bloor West Village – chat with a fellow Bloor West Village community member, buy some flowers, and enjoy what the village has to offer to you!

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Fall, like all seasons, has a charm of its own. As we welcome this beautiful season in Bloor West Village, we welcome you to come visit and explore what both the season and the village have to offer. With over 400 businesses, Bloor West Village brings a combination of local and international gems, along with exceptional customer service to you. Come and experience the medley of warmth, sweetness, and vivid Fall colours in the village, and create memories for an unforgettable Fall!