BIA 2023 Wrapped: Thank You For An Amazing Year! | Bloor West Village

BIA 2023 Wrapped: Thank You For An Amazing Year!

December 26, 2023


And just like that, it’s the last few days of 2023!

The last days of the year are, for the most part, a combination of slow and reflective, and chaotic and full of excitement. What do we mean by the latter part? Well, the focus shifts from Christmas carols and last minute gift shopping, to end of year parties, and New Year’s Eve outfits, shopping and plans. What about the former part, you say? Well, while we prepare to welcome the new year, a lot of us seize this opportunity to also spend some time reflecting on the past 365 (almost) days. “What was 2023 like for me?”

Reflections are tricky, aren’t they? They can be as heartwarming as they can be discouraging. Maybe you did way better than you planned. Or maybe you faced unexpected obstacles that hindered your progress or caused delays. It is important to acknowledge these factors and experiences, but it often occurs that amidst processing these factors, we overlook the good times, the blessings, and the simple moments of joy. So we encourage you – remind you, even –  to also remember to look back to the beautiful moments you’ve experienced this year.

So, that said, what was 2023 like for the Bloor West Village Community and BIA? Well, our 2023 can be depicted as a colourful mosaic painting. Was it all smooth sailing from day 1 of 2023? No – there were challenges, unexpected delays, unanticipated change, and more. But there were also new beginnings, a beautiful sense of community, and memorable interactions that made the year a great one. As we wrap up the year, we wish to share these happy moments with you – moments you all contributed to.

Here is a recap of our favourite moments of 2023!


1. Welcoming 13 New Businesses to our Main Street!



“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end!” – That’s what the song Closing Time by Semisonic says at least. And, well, they are not entirely wrong. With the ebb and flow of a dynamic business mainstreet, we are thrilled to have welcomed thirteen new businesses to Bloor West Village, widening the range of products and services available to you locally.  Joining us this year were:


2. Beautification of Bloor West Village



Bloor West Village is recognized for its charm but also for its beauty. We are always working to improve the village; from planting trees, to lighting up the streets, to implementing new infrastructure that will look pleasing and benefit the community. This year, we celebrated the completion of four renovated parkettes with new gardens and benches to stop and relax. Parkettes also provide an opportunity to take a break while shopping, and to watch the goings-on in the neighbourhood; a mindful and relaxing activity in a pleasing aesthetic. So, when’s your next visit in the village?


3. Our Signature Events & Programs Throughout The Year



There are many reasons why we love our events and programs. One of the many reasons is that they give us the opportunity to connect and interact with you, while also creating memories of pure joy, warmth, and laughter. This year, we had many such occasions, namely, an Easter Scavenger Hunt, Bloor West StreetFest, Outdoor Movie Nights, Halloween Trick-Or-Treat, Santa In The Village, and a nostalgic ‘surprise and delight‘ afternoon of complimentary Roasted Chestnuts.


And of course, we cannot forget our annual Holiday Window Contest, featuring 26 participating businesses this year, bringing the holiday spirit to life with their festive displays and window storefronts.



Thank You For An Amazing Year!


2023, like any other year, was filled with lessons as well as rewards. And hey, guess what?! We made it through! And for that, we thank you. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to YOU, the Bloor West Village Community, for your undying support through and through. Our work is geared towards creating a friendly, self-sufficient, and welcoming space for you, and, you keep showing up! This keeps our purpose and goal alive and strong. Your commitment towards supporting our local businesses is also a commitment to supporting real, genuine people who have put their passion ahead of convenience and whole-heartedly believe in the business they are running. To our friends since Day One, to new ones we made along the way this year, thank you for choosing our small village in a big city. We are happy to have you here, and we look forward to taking 2024 on alongside you!


Here’s to a peaceful and prosperous 2024 to all! Happy New Year! 🥂