Spring Fashion in Bloor West Village: 2024 Edition | Bloor West Village

Spring Fashion in Bloor West Village: 2024 Edition

March 14, 2024

Sunsets after 7PM, tree buds are out, warmer days surround us – Spring is here! Well…officially in a week…but you get it! 🌸

Spring symbolizes a time of change – from cold to warm, from nature’s browns and greys to whites and pinks, from ice skating days to strolls in the local park. Excitingly, this transformation applies to fashion as well. Our wardrobes change from cooler to warmer tones, from parkas and boots to sundresses and sandals. As we welcome this new season, we embrace its lightness and warmth, and a fun way to do it is by transforming, or rather, updating our wardrobe. Were you looking for an excuse to get that new beach shirt and khaki shorts? Were you waiting for the right time to get that floral midi dress and the perfect sandals to pair with it? Well! Here’s your sign to get them! ✨

Guess what! You can get it all, right here in Bloor West Village! Here are a few shops to explore!



1. Trixie Boutique



Customer service as warm (if not warmer) as the warmth Spring offers, Trixie has got your Spring shopping covered! A curated concept boutique, Daniela and Joe bring a holistic approach to Fashion. Every season, they mix it up and introduce new and exciting labels along with customer favourites to build a price conscious collection from the best of Canadian Designers and International Brands, putting together the perfect outfit for you. This Spring, whether you’re looking for some nice flat sandals, or a floral top, or a light comfy sundress, or your new to-go handbag – or all of them – pop by Trixie Boutique for a memorable retail experience!

📍 2313 Bloor St. West


2. The Shoppe – Women’s Fine Fashion



Canadian, European and International womenswear, focusing on affordable luxury brands, all in one shop – how does that sound? Terrific, if you ask us! The Shoppe – Women’s Fine Fashion brings over 30 years experience to Bloor West Village,  styling women across Toronto and Canada. The owners source unique selections from Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland and Canada, to name a few, offering specialty sizes 4 to 20. This fashion gem just in the corner of Bloor St W and Willard Ave, brings you the ultimate shopping experience this Spring, with essentials you’d absolutely want to add to your wardrobe!

📍 256 Willard Ave


3. Pink Martini



“A Concoction of Boho Chic Empowerment” is what Pink Martini offers. With a mission to empower every woman with a sustainable yet fashionable option for a busy lifestyle, they offer a perfect combination of comfort and style. Does this combination sound like you? Then this Spring, refresh your wardrobe with a few outfits from Pink Martini. Looking for THE white sundress for the season? Or perhaps a light pink top that screams both cuteness and softness? Maybe a simple black jumpsuit that you can either wear as a casual fit or dress up for the happy hour? How about all of them? Head over to the cute Pink Martini boutique on Bloor St W, treat yourself to some retail therapy and allow the Pink Martini team to share their expertise to help you get THE outfit for your Spring wardrobe.

📍2378 Bloor St W


4. Milani Moda



One of the many things we love about Spring is how the season brings the colours of the nature to life, replacing the earthy browns and greys of the cold seasons. Well, how about we bring the same splash of colour to your wardrobe? Sounds like a plan? Then we’ve got the perfect spot for your Spring shopping! In comes Milani Moda! A feisty mother-daughter entrepreneurial duo, Milani Moda brings that fiery Italian touch to your outfits, offering a wide range of modern and fashion-forward women’s clothing and accessories. Step into this unique boutique-style shop and enjoy the mosaic of colours, florals, and abstract patterns that embellish the clothes and accessories displayed.  Are you ready to get a glimpse of the Italian Spring?

📍2284 Bloor St W


5. Her’s Lingerie



Imagine this! You’ve been eyeing that gorgeous and dainty black bra and you finally buy it…only to find that the fit is not quite right. Ouf, the pain!

Hey, did you know? A whopping 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. And now you’re probably wondering if that’s you too.

Not to worry! Her’s Lingerie is here to help! This European-inspired luxury lingerie boutique brings over 30 years of expertise to help you find the perfect fit for lingerie, leg wear, loungewear, swimwear and more. With an advanced and clear understanding of each product they carry, the Her’s Lingerie team brings professional tips and advice to help you find the right fit for you. This Spring, get that stunning swimsuit that hugs your curves just right. Get that bra that finally fits you perfectly. Why not throw in a couple of the Spring pyjama sets to fully complete your wardrobe. Comfy meets sexy, Her’s Lingerie is here to ensure you look and feel good, this Spring.

📍2250 Bloor St W


6. Foot Sensation



“The perfect Spring outfit or wardrobe is not complete without the perfect pair of footwear that complements it!” Okay, it’s not a real quote, but it should be, don’t you think? Imagine the heartbreak – horror, if we may – of finally putting together THE outfit for your Spring party, only to find out you don’t have the shoes or sandals that match it. Well, Foot Sensation is here to prevent just that from happening! Taking pride in their uniqueness as the only facility in GTA that doubles as a comfort footwear specialist and a shoe retailer, Foot Sensation offers a wide selection footwear for both men and women, ranging from sandals, to boots, to clogs, and shoes. Additionally, you can get your custom orthotics made in their in-house lab.  This Spring, step up your footwear game, and enjoy the comfort and cuteness of your new go-to pair of shoes!

📍2311 Bloor St W


7. Fig Tree Boutique



Are you looking for THE outfit to wow your friends at that reunion party? Unique clothing, accessories, and shoes with high quality fabrics and materials in timeless styles – this is Fig Tree Boutique! A minimalist boutique packed with gems, step into world of Fig Tree Boutique and find yourself surrounded with beautiful, curated pieces, hand picked from European and Canadian design houses. They pride themselves on providing highly personalized attention to you. Let’s see your list! The oh-so-famous white and blue striped shirt you see all influencers wear in their vacation vlog? Check! The perfect, one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses you’ve saved in your fashionista Pinterest board? Yup! Hmm, what else? Oh! The cutest and softest little handbag for your daily strolls? You guessed it – Check! Spring shopping just got a whole lot easier and classier!

📍2184 Bloor St W


8. Diversity



A celebration of individuality and self-expression, Diversity Toronto began with two best friends who shared a passion for fashion and unique, high-quality pieces imbued with fairness. Their journey started in Slovenia, where they uncovered the treasures at Diversity. Captivated by these finds, designed and made in Italy, they decided to extend the opportunity for YOU to shine in them as well. On a mission to empower you to embrace your individuality with confidence and grace, their clothing is designed to empower you to embrace your distinct identity. Come by the beautiful warm boutique, explore their collection, and discover pieces that tell your story, reflecting the beauty of diversity in every stitch. This Spring, step into your power and beauty, with unique, carefully crafted statement pieces on your Spring wardrobe. The world is your runway, and you are the supermodel!

📍2309 Bloor St W


9. Cora Couture



Indulge in the intersection of style, sustainability, and creativity – Cora Couture brings you exclusive pieces that are fashion-forward and sustainably made from emerging designers from Europe. This Spring, level up your wardrobe with pieces from a stunning selection of fashions from Poland, France, Spain, Lithuania, California and New York – beautifully crafted using linen, flax, wool, silk, and tencel. What’s more, you can find the cherry on top item to complete your perfect outfit from their selection of accessories. Jewelry, footwear, scarves and hats, enhancing their garments created for comfort, intrigue and beauty – Cora Couture is here to make you look good!

📍2236 Bloor St W


10. Buck’s Hard Goods



Calling all street wear lovers and enthusiasts! This one’s for you!

Tired of saving the numerous “street wear style outfits” reels, TikToks, or pins, but not quite finding the right items when shopping? Not to worry, friend – we’ve got THE spot for your next shopping session! Buck’s Hard Goods carries street wear staples from independent brands in footwear, apparel, and accessories for men and women. With an eye for current trends, they are here to keep you in style. Your one-stop shop with your street wear essentials, they offer products to accommodate the all too busy lives of urbanites. Buck’s Hard Goods is here to help you blur the line between work and play with the perfect fit that gives you the best of both worlds! Are you ready for your main character moment(s) with your statement pieces – street wear edition, of course?

📍2240 Bloor St W



Spring Shopping Made Easy



Have you ever wondered how exploring personal style and fashion can have a purpose in our lives other than just stylish outfits? Having the right outfit(s) can turn a bad morning into a good day – our style is part of our identity. This Spring, whether you’re missing items that complement your style, or you’re now finding your style, we encourage you to invest in yourself. Now’s the time to declutter and bring in a little Spring in your wardrobe with fresh new fits! While this blog post only mentions a few stores, Bloor West Village houses many more boutique shops that can help you with just that. So a little visit to the village seems like the next best step, don’t you think? Spring shopping has never been easier! See you soon!