Welcome Lash Luv Pro | Lash & Beauty Studio | Bloor West Village

Welcome Lash Luv Pro | Lash & Beauty Studio

July 27, 2023
We had the opportunity to sit down with Vivien, the owner of ‘Lash Luv Pro Beauty Salon‘, located at 2323 Bloor St West, Suite #208.
Here is what she shared with us:
  • What is your personal entrepreneurial story?  
From serving clients out of my apartment to opening a flagship studio in BWV (and with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry), I’ve built a trusted brand working with over 15000 clients, influencers, bloggers and celebrities. My belief is that beauty should be effortless, fun and stress free. I wanted to deliver this to others and that’s what made me get into the business.
  • What do you love about Bloor West Village? 
At the time (in 2012) I’ve lived in Bloor West Village for a couple of years already and I fell in love with the community, the location and everything about it. I couldn’t imagine opening my business anywhere else but in BWV!
  • What are you best known for/what do customers adore about your business? 
-The studio has a fresh and chic aesthetic and is a destination for all beauty. I wanted to give my clients a great environment where they still felt at home. Our team goes above and beyond in their quest for customer satisfaction and happiness. We stride to have each and every client leave our studio uplifted, refreshed and beautiful.
  • What makes your business special? 
-We are most known for our natural and safe application technique in eyelash extension.
  • What are you best known for/what do customers adore about your business? 
-The relationships I’ve built with our clients are very special. We’re each other’s therapist haha and I’m looking forward to catch up with them every single time. It’s more than just lashes or beauty. Listening to people does more than just earn trust, it earns loyalty and even love for who you are and what you are.