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April Blog: Keeping Up with Bloor West Village!

April 10, 2024

*Cracks fingers and starts typing* Right…what’s on the Bloor West Village news today…Weeeddnessss-dayy, Apr- APRIL 10TH?!?!

Oh BOY, do we have to catch up!

Let’s see, what did we talk about last time? Ah yes! Spring Fashion! How’s that Spring refresh shopping going on for you? We hope you got a head start to it because it looks like warmer days are finally here to stay! Eeeek, this is so exciting! Don’t you just love Spring? Longer sunny days, warm breezes, colourful floral displays embellishing the streets of Bloor West Village, gone are the multiple layers of clothes that make you feel like you’re the Yoohoo, big summer blowout? guy from Frozen and hello pretty little sundress and sandals! Ah, there’s so much to look forward to this season! Bloor West Village has been in the light, Springy mood for a little while now, and well let’s just say there’s a lot of fun that’s been experienced, and more to come ahead. And guess what! You’re just in the right place to learn more about it. Let’s get into it, shall we?



The Recap



Shortly after Spring officially entered the scene, we had our annual Easter Bunny in the Village event. A beautiful sunny day jam-packed with fun, Bloor West Village was buzzing with joy, love, memories, and sweet, sweet chocolate. From the oh-so-awaited photo with the Easter Bunny, to face painting and craft activities, to an exciting scavenger hunt along Bloor Street where you had to find the hidden bunny in stores and score Easter eggs/chocolates once spotted, we were surrounded by bunny ears along the street mixed with the warmth, cheer, and laughter of the Bloor West Village community, leaving us with wide smiles throughout the day.

We seize this opportunity to thank our 26 participating businesses who joined us in the fun of the Scavenger Hunt:
The Body Shop, Collected Joy, Lemon & Lavender, Booster Juice, Snappers Fish Market, Bao Bao Express, Meaty Eats, Baka Gallery Cafe, Kidsmith, La Petite École, Diversity, Kantor Currency Exchange, Ruffin’s Pet Centre, Wake’A Boo: Breakfast Bar, Janchenko’s Bakery, Marusya’s Kitchen, Buck’s Hard Goods, Flame Food + Design, Sweet & Elegant, Pet Valu, Zaza’s Espresso Bar, The Works Craft Burgers & Beers, Yogurty’s, Quipus Crafts, Her’s Lingerie, and BCU Financial.

We also thank you for your generosity and contribution to help the Bloor West Food Bank in their mission of making the community a better place for all.

Missed the event? Check out the recap video!



The Now



Bloor West Village is shining in all its beauty, this April. We can see a change in decor and vibe, moving away from the Winter shades and embracing the pop of colours Spring brings out. As we welcome warmer days, we can feel the excitement all around the village – the flow of crowds along the streets as we spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sun and warmth, accompanied by the slight hum of multiple conversations happening at all times.

This April, we invite you to experience this same warmth and joy, right here in Bloor West Village. Come by and treat yourself to some retail therapy as you move from one shop to the other. Excite your palates with a variety of cuisines offered by the multiple restaurants in the village. Enjoy the activities the village has to offer, from cooking classes, to chill Jazz nights, to exciting Trivia nights. Or simply, engage in the art of noticing and living, as they call it – slow down and notice the movement around, and enjoy the simple beauty the village offers.

🗣️ Psst! Want to make this an even better deal? We’ve got just the perfect thing for you!
Indeed, we currently have an incredible giveaway, running until April 15th. Experience the charm of Bloor West Village with this unforgettable package: a luxurious stay at the historic Old Mill Hotel, a delightful Ukrainian food themed meal at Marusya’s Kitchen, and a surprise gift bag, loaded with beautiful items from Collected Joy gift shop. Believe us when we say, you don’t want to miss this!

Learn more and enter to win here!

A memorable adventure in Bloor West Village awaits! 🌸



What’s To Come



Remember how we said there’s fun coming ahead at the beginning of this blog post? Guess what, FUN ALERT!! 

We take pride in Bloor West Village and everything it offers, and it is always our pleasure to welcome all visitors, whether you’re from the Bloor West Village community, or you’re visiting from somewhere else. This time, we invite you to come learn about the architecture, hidden gems, and history of this vibrant community!

On May 4th, join us for a FREE 1.5 hour walking tour facilitated by Alex Rascanu, the #ExperienceTO historical tours organizer, David Hollands, and Angela Macdonald, Bloor West Village BIA. Discover the unique offerings of the village and the rich story behind everything that makes Bloor West Village the place to be. This in-person event is great to connect and see the community with a new lens. So lace up your waking shoes and come along to engage, discover and explore!

Learn more and sign up here!

Stay tuned for more fun opportunities coming soon! (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a really fun Spring and Summer in Bloor West Village! 😉)



Happy April, Bloor West Village!



There’s no denying that Spring is finally and fully here, and we are embracing it! The village is slowly becoming more alive, as we transition to the lighthearted and fuzzy vibes this season brings. Fun events, exciting outdoor activities, delicious food, friendly interactions, beautiful displays of seasonal veggies, fruits, and flowers – this is Bloor West Village! And you’re invited to join us in all the fun! This Spring, plan a little trip to our small village in a big city, and immerse yourself in the full Bloor West Village experience.  See you soon! 🌸